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COVID-19 Business Interruption Insurance Lawsuits

Many insurance companies may deny claims under business interruption insurance coverages resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic due to alleged policy exemptions.

The insurance coverage lawyers at Fink Bressack are here to help business owners damaged by the COVID-19 crisis. Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating insurance coverage disputes, both suing insurance companies and representing insurance companies. Having experience on both sides of these disputes gives our attorneys a better understanding of the issues they face.

Business interruption insurance was purchased by many businesses for protection against unexpected crises. Our attorneys have battled insurance companies to protect our clients’ rights in trial courts and in appellate courts at the state and federal level. David Fink represented an insured business in an insurance coverage dispute, where he took the case all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court, where he prevailed, resulting in millions of dollars in insurance payments for his client.

Large and small business are facing unprecedented losses because of government-mandated shutdowns. Many of these businesses face bankruptcy if they are unable to benefit from the business interruption insurance payments they expect from the insurance coverage they purchased. Depending on the language in your insurance policy, your business may be entitled to significant payments from your insurance company.

Fink Bressack is at the forefront of litigation related to economic losses from the COVID-19 pandemic, filing some of the first important lawsuits to protect clients from financial losses arising from COVID-19 disruptions.

Fink Bressack attorneys are here to investigate your claims, and may be able to provide assistance in obtaining significant compensation. If your business has been denied business interruption coverage by your insurance company or if you expect to file a claim, contact Fink Bressack at or 248-971-2500.