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Fox 2 News Interviews David Fink Regarding 2020 Election Lawsuit

Michigan election lawsuits alleging ballot tampering, processing problems

The concerns of pro-Donald Trump protesters last Friday about projected election state results culminated in legal action over the weekend.

“This election is so tainted it should be set aside, voided and there should be another election,” said David Kallman, attorney. Kallman runs a non-profit law firm in Lansing and filed for a temporary injunction to halt the election process, claiming fraud, specifically the absentee ballot counting at the TCF Center. “We are not doing this because we think anyone should win or lose the election, it’s got nothing to do with this,” Kallman said. “What is important here is that people can trust and have faith in our election.”

The initial complaint hinged on who Kallman calls a whistleblower. A 30-year-plus city employee who says she witnessed ballot tampering for weeks leading up to the election and processing problems post-election. “Tens of thousands of ballots were being delivered to the TCF Center in open crates, open boxes, no seals, no chain of custody,” he said. Kallman wants to intervene before the board of canvassers makes the count official. The deadline is November 17th.

Fink says he wants Detroiters to know their votes did count. “We are not going to let people come in here and undermine our process,” Fink said. The Michigan Republican Party is exploring legal avenues and they have set up a hotline for tips for people to report anything questionable that happened during this election. They say they’ve already heard from thousands of people.

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