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Wire Harnesses Antitrust Litigation

Fink + Associates Law has been appointed by Eastern District of Michigan Judge Marianne Battani to serve as Interim Liaison Counsel for Direct Purchasers in the pending Auto Parts Antitrust MDL, which includes the Wire Harness antitrust litigation. This multi-district litigation arises from a massive Justice Department investigation into allegations of bid rigging and price fixing in the auto parts industry. The investigations of the Antitrust Division of the DOJ, as well as those of foreign antitrust authorities have led to multiple guilty pleas and the assessment of very significant fines and jail sentences.

The auto parts antitrust MDL includes the Wire Harnesses Antitrust Litigation and began with a single case involving wire harnesses and related parts and now involves several other parts. In addition to wire harnesses, class action complaints have been filed and assigned to this MDL for the following automotive parts: Instrument Panel Clusters, Heater Control Panels, Fuel Senders, Occupant Safety Systems and Bearings.

Fink + Associates Law is involved in the litigation of antitrust class actions on behalf of direct purchasers in federal courts in Michigan and in other states. Our firm is proud to be recognized as a leading Michigan antitrust law firm. In addition to its role as liaison counsel in the Wire Harnesses Antitrust Litigation, Fink + Associates Law currently serves as court-appointed Interim Lead Counsel in the Refrigerant Compressors Antitrust Litigation MDL, pending in the Eastern District of Michigan. Fink + Associates Law also serves as interim liaison counsel for Direct Purchasers in the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Antitrust Litigation. We are also involved in a supporting role in the Potash Antitrust Litigation.

Our law firm can help you with your antitrust matter. Whether you are a client seeking representation or a law firm looking for a strong Michigan antitrust law firm to partner with, consider Fink + Associates Law. We handle matters on a referral basis or we can work with your firm as co-counsel or as local or liaison counsel.