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Michigan Antitrust Attorney

When you need a Michigan antitrust attorney, you should look to Fink + Associates Law. The attorneys of Fink + Associates Law have extensive experience with antitrust litigation.

We can help you with your antitrust matter. If you are a client seeking representation or a law firm looking for a strong Michigan antitrust attorney to work together on litigation, consider Fink + Associates Law. We handle matters on a referral basis or we can partner with your firm as co-counsel or as local or liaison counsel.

As a Michigan antitrust attorney, David Fink was appointed by Judge Sean Cox to serve as Interim Lead Counsel in the Refrigerant Compressors Antitrust Litigation MDL, currently pending in the Eastern District of Michigan. Our firm is also playing an active role in the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Antitrust Litigation and in the Direct Purchaser Wire Harness Antitrust MDL, two major antitrust matters currently pending in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. We were also involved in a supporting role in the OSB Antitrust Litigation.