Fink Bressack Featured in Detroit Lawyer Magazine - Fink Bressack

Fink Bressack Featured in Detroit Lawyer Magazine

Many lawyers work long hours, but not all of them have hustle. You start to really get that when you see the way Fink Bressack managing partner David Fink runs the firm.

Fink Bressack, formerly known as Fink + Associates Law, is a boutique firm with a mentality you might expect to find at a Silicon Valley technology startup. The firm embraces the idea that a small, driven, talented team can punch above its weight.

“We deliver the type of representation you’d expect from a large firm in a small-firm environment,” Fink said. “Clients work directly with the lawyers handling their case. All of our clients have direct relationships with the attorneys representing them.”

Fink, his partner Darryl Bressack, and their team have built a reputation as a law firm that can deliver those intimate relationships and the type of representation expected from Michigan’s largest law firms.

Fink and Bressack can’t discuss their most interesting cases, but many of their big battles are a matter of public record.

“We don’t shy away from big cases,” Bressack said. “We routinely fight for our clients against some of the country’s largest law firms.”

Fink Bressack has been on the front lines of what might well be the largest group of price-fixing lawsuits ever filed, going toe-to-toe with attorneys from the country’s largest and most prestigious firms.

The firm has been representing a class of clients including automobile manufacturers and their largest suppliers in ongoing class-action lawsuits. That civil litigation resulted from a massive international auto parts price-fixing conspiracy, the subject of the largest antitrust conspiracy investigation in the history of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Author: Spencer White
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