WDIV Interviews David Fink About Fink Bressack Class Action Lawsuits Against Universities

On April 22, 2020

WDIV and Click On Detroit reported on lawsuits filed by Fink Bressack on behalf of students at University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Wayne State University and Western Michigan University.

Victor Williams, a WDIV-News 4 reporter, interviewed David Fink, managing partner of Fink Bressack.

After airing the segment on the 6PM news, Click On Detroit posted the video on its website, quoting Fink extensively, including the following excerpts:

“If you have to move out of your apartment because of some natural disaster you don’t complain. But you don’t expect to have to keep paying rent,” attorney David Fink said.

Fink said the same concept should apply to colleges and universities. That’s exactly why he’s filing several class action lawsuits on behalf of his clients against the top three schools in Michigan.

“What they’re objecting to is having to continue to pay for room and board that they’re not receiving. And having to pay full tuition as though they were in a classroom — when, in fact — they’re sitting at home on their computer getting online education that’s not as effective and certainly shouldn’t cost as much,” Fink said.

WDIV reported that University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Michigan State University and Western Michigan University have been named as defendants and there’s a chance more of these lawsuits are on the way. The article then went on to quote Fink:

“That’s all that this is about. It’s just about fairness,” Fink said. “This is something that we believe, we hope the universities will want to resolve quickly so that come next semester students aren’t faced with uncertainty.”