Joseph DeSanto came to Fink + Associates Law to deal with one lawsuit. He learned that Fink + Associates Law represents clients involved in complex litigation in many different contexts, so he asked about the firm’s ability to address other issues. He found that Fink + Associates Law could handle multiple matters efficiently and economically.

The experience of Joseph DeSanto provides a good example of the breadth of the firm’s legal resources. Issues ranging from complex shareholder disputes to medical regulatory matters and even no-fault insurance issues have all been addressed in multiple types of litigation and in multiple different forums. By retaining Fink + Associates Law to address several different matters, Mr. DeSanto was able to better control his costs, while working with a firm experienced with the intricacies of all of his civil litigation.

Fink + Associates Law represents individuals, businesses and municipalities in a diverse array of specialized litigation services.  The firm is also involved in class action litigation which has ranged from a local counsel role, assisting referring counsel, to leadership in complex Multi District Litigation.

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