Fink + Associates Law represents clients involved in complex litigation in many different contexts. Firm client Joe DeSanto came to FAL to address one litigation matter, but found that the firm could efficiently handle multiple matters cost-effectively.

The experience of Joe DeSanto is not unique, but it is instructive. Regardless of where your litigation is handled, it is always a good idea to be sure your attorneys are aware of all of your pending legal issues. Mr. DeSanto not only saved costs, he also was able to achieve more effective representation by working with a firm already familiar with the complexities of the matters in which he has been involved.

Fink + Associates Law represents individuals, businesses and municipalities with difficult litigation problems. The firm is also involved in class action litigation and has served as referring counsel, local or liaison counsel and as co-lead counsel for out of state class action law firms that seek an experienced class action law firm in Michigan to help build their cases.

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