If you need a Class Action Lawyer in Detroit, consider contacting Fink + Associates Law. Our firm, founded by David Fink and Darryl Bressack in 2011, litigates class action cases in many Michigan courts. Our experience includes a wide range of substantive areas of the law, including antitrust, banking, consumer fraud, breach of warranty, employee rights, securities fraud, ERISA, contract matters, FLSA collective actions and other business, consumer and employee class action or collective action cases.

David Fink and Darryl Bressack know what it takes to be an effective class action lawyer in Detroit. They have been involved in every aspect of class action litigation.  Our attorneys have handled class action matters in Detroit and in state and federal courts all over the State of Michigan, including the Federal District Courts for the Eastern District of Michigan (northern and southern divisions) and the Western District of Michigan and many different state trial courts.

We also serve as local or liaison counsel for leading class action law firms that seek a strong class action lawyer in Detroit to support their case. In the Eastern District of Michigan, we were appointed to serve as Co-Lead Counsel in the Refrigerant Compressors Antitrust Litigation and Liaison Counsel in the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Antitrust Litigation. We currently serve as interim Liaison Counsel for Direct Purchaser Plaintiff in numerous Auto Parts Antitrust Cases pending before Judge Battani in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. Some of these cases are the Direct Purchaser Wire Harness Antitrust Litigation, the Direct Purchaser Heater Control Panels Antitrust Litigation, the Instrument Panel Clusters Antitrust Litigation, the Fuel Senders Antitrust Litigation, the Occupant Safety Systems Antitrust Litigation and the Bearings Antitrust Litigation.  In the Western District of Michigan, Fink + Associates Law was appointed to serve as Co-Lead Counsel in the Enbridge Oil Spill Class Action.

In May, 2013, David Fink was selected by the judges of the Eastern District of Michigan to serve as Chair of the Magistrate Judge Merit Selection Panel.

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